financial analysis of (john lewis department store)

financial analysis of (john lewis department store)

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-introduction (600 words). – how we do it, what we use to do it, why we do it and what is my motivation – two sentence of the key findings – company background include the facts that’s relevant to my purpose You will be required to research on financial analysis of the performance of (john lewis department store) to include financial and non-financial performance indicators by designing a balanced scorecard covering two (2) perspectives, analysis the two balance score cards and evaluate the technique used.

1-Comparison of Latest year results with Previous year results (Horizontal and Vertical analysis) only pick key figures here.

2-Ratio analysis of both Latest and Previous years (show all workings and provide detailed reference of data sources); This should include: a. Liquidity, b. Solvency, c. Working capital management, d. Profitability, e. Asset efficiency, Providing a minimum of two (2) and an average of three (3) ratios for each of the above headings for each of the two years covered; Discussion and interpretation of the ratios should also be done here.

3-Comparison with industry average figures as available

4- Discussion of the performance of the company 5- Using published information; Design any two (2) Balanced Scorecards suitable for use by the directors and managers of your organisation to align business activities to the identified vision and strategy, and to monitor performance against strategic goals. This should not include the financial indicators. You will be expected to discuss and evaluate the score cards.

5-Discussion of the advantages and limitations of the Ratio analysis and Balance score card.

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