Financial analysis Assignment

Financial analysis Assignment

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Proceed to an analysis on the income statement and the balance sheet. To make your analysis, you will use some of the ratios that you find
in your book. This section contains some Financial ratios related to the subject of the chapter (rations included below) Do a comparison of both companies in using these ratios and write your analysis report. Your report should not be around 4 pages long (including the description of the ratios i.e. two pages for the ratios
and two pages for the analysis). You should conclude your report in stating which company is doing better in term of Financial performance, and why Here is no right or wrong. !he most important is that the arguments supporting your analysis make sense in regards to your analysis. But yourself in the feet of an investor willing to buy a stock of the company., which one would you buy, and why ?

Use following ratios:
Measures of short-term liquidity(pick 2 out of 10) ,measures of long-term credit(use all three),measures of profitability (4 out of 9) measures of evaluating the current market price of common stock( all three).

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