Financial Accounting Analysis term projuct

Financial Accounting Analysis term projuct

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The term project worth 20% of your final grade in this course is comprised of three (3) distinct parts:  Part 1: 5% -Library Assignment on Sobeys You have already completed this part which is worth 5% of the 20%  Part 2:____/5% – ratio analysis – including horizontal analysis of the balance sheet  Horizontal analysis of the income statement  Vertical analysis of the income statement
 Comparative trend analysis  Ratio calculations – for two (2) years This part is graded with emphasis on correct calculation of ratios and
quantitative analysis  Part 3:____/10% – report on Sobeys. The main body of the report will discuss your opinion about the financial health of the company.  Your opinion will include a discussion of all ramifications of your findings – for example, assume Sobeys has a huge amount of debt – your debt ratio says 75%. What are the consequences of this? Can they service this level of debt? Where can they get funds from? Can they pay their current liabilities? Can they get funds from creditors or investors? How, in trouble are they?

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