Finance and Accounting Goldman Sachs

Finance and Accounting Goldman Sachs

Finance and Accounting Goldman Sachs

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Finance and Accounting Goldman Sachs You have been hired by a small investment management firm, which is
considering a perspective of adding a financial institution into their investment portfolio. Before initiating a full-fledged analysis, the CIO of the company has asked you to prepare a short initial report on a specific Financial Institution that explains its business environment, operations and recent performance. You can choose among commercial banks, mutual and pension funds, insurance companies, investment banks, securities companies, or venture capital firms. Any other financial institution should be approved by the CIO (Instructor).

The main text, not including an executive summary, introduction, conclusion, references and appendices should not exceed 3000 words. The report should consist of three sections:

-Business environment section should discuss the industry in which the firm is operating, describe its customers, partners/suppliers, competitors and products, analyse its legal and regulatory environment.
-Operations section should describe how it functions, analyse its sources and uses of funds (assets/liabilities), how it makes its profits (revenues/expenses), and describe its risks and risk management process.
-Performance section should use profitability (profit margin, return on assets and return on equity) and investment ratios (earnings per share, dividends per share and P/E ratio) to discuss trends in its recent performance and compare it to the industry.


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