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Introduction In your introduction, briefly describe the product, service, or idea you chose to examine. Include information about the mission statement of the company (if it is an established company), and any other information you can find about their goals and vision. Explain the method you used to collect data to develop your
marketing campaign (Survey, interviews, questionnaire, etc) as well as how you collected the data (publications, personal networks, professional networks, social media, etc). Briefly describe the data you collected, and name and describe the segments into which you sorted the data.

Section 2. Consumer AnalysisConsumer Analysis: Create a Consumer ProfileDescribe the demographic that is being targeted through this campaign; remember to include information about gender, age, education, occupation, and income as well as any noticeable grouping by ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or ability. What factors led you to target this demographic (provide some statistics from your data collection)? Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; which consumer need(s) are being met with this product/service/idea? Don’t forget to include an explanation of what data leads you believe these needs should be targeted and how the segments will use and review the product after purchase.Consider the eight VALS groups; which group or groups are represented in your segments, and how can you tell?
According to data you collected, what are the consumers’ expectations of the product? Look at the cultural and individual values that might be important to these consumers. What generalizations lead you to this conclusion?

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