Final Project in public and nonprofit sector

Final Project in public and nonprofit sector

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As a future public administrator, you will want to familiarize yourself with what constitutes excellence in public and nonprofit sector leadership. In this Final Project, you write a profile of a leader who may or may not embody these characteristics of excellence. To do so, select an individual who is especially interesting to you and use what you have explored in this course as a foundation. You may select any contemporary leader of a public (e.g., government), or nonprofit organization (including your own organization) as long as it is someone for whom there is sufficient information to provide an effective analysis of successful management and leadership in public and nonprofit organizations. The leader

you interview can function at any management level of the organization, from supervisor to president of the board of trustees.

The Final Project

(15–18 pages, not including title page and references)

The Final Project is a synthesis of the elements of successful leadership covered in the weekly assignments, including any recommendations given by the Instructor and student colleagues.

The Final Project is to be completed in three parts:

Week 1: Interview Consent Form Secure the permission to interview your selected leader in the public or nonprofit sector for your Final Project using the Interview Consent Form provided in this week’s Learning Resources. The Interview Consent Form should be submitted in Week 4 along with the Final Project Proposal.

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