Final Presentation Interpersonal Communication

Final Presentation Interpersonal Communication

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Hello, First, please read carefully all the materials I have uploaded. Secondly, this an online presentation, so I don’t need any slides/PowerPoint because I will talk in front of my camera for 3-4 minutes. You will have to write about 2 and half pages because I think it will be enough for a 3-4 minutes presentation. NO MORE because I
cannot be too long. I also want you to write like we talk because I will learn by heart what you wrote and just say it in front of the camera.The outline sample is at the end of the prompt paper. You HAVE TO follow eactly what it says on the outline. REQUIRED to choose the article you need to go to our Online library. I explain you the steps: Go to Click the second tab, which is Databases. Select Communication and Mass Media, and log in. After logging in, Now, in the search box at the top of the window, use search term phrases to help you find an article. For my details about the library, please check the prompt page. I also uploaded some pages of the book: the Chapter 1 to help for the presentation and also the Appendix A to check if the article chosen is usable or not. Please check your article before starting the presentation. Also I have uploaded in the Prompt paper at the end The peer Evaluation. You can see on what I will be evaluated. PLEASE LOOK AT THIS example go and check this link on youtube: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate. Good luck with that.

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