Final paper: the opportunity to delve deeply into a person’s life

Final paper: the opportunity to delve deeply into a person’s life

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The purpose of this final paper is to give you the opportunity to delve deeply into a person’s life through an oral history interview, and to situate the person’s life within the broad contours of Asian American history. What is an oral history? Oral history is a primary source document based on a face-to-face, open-ended recorded interview with an individual. The goal of an oral history interview is to document an individual’s own life experiences, memories of an event or of another person. Who should you interview? There are two ways to approach the selection of your interviewee. You may start with a research question. What theme(s) or topic(s) are you interested in exploring more in depth? Figuring out your research question first will help you narrow down your pool of potential interviewees. OR, you may already know who you want to interview. This could be family member, friend, acquaintance, teacher, etc. Remember the person need not identify as an Asian American. Whoever you choose, you must be able to demonstrate how the person’s life intersects with the course of Asian American history as presented in the readings and lectures.

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