Final Paper of Journalism

Final Paper of Journalism

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FINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT The 21st Century provides today’s entrepreneur with the opportunity to expand their company brand and extend their business to ancillary compatible ventures. The assignment for the final paper and the oral presentation is to develop a Strategic Business Plan that will clearly state how an ancillary business developed in one of the course industries will compliment and support your CA. THE ASSIGNMENT Your final project is to choose one of the industries (Traditional “Print” Publishing or Music) discussed during the semester and to create a well-thought out Strategic Plan of how developing a business in the selected industry can enhance and benefit your CA. (The selected industry CAN NOT be in the same industry as your CA) Your approach to the assignment should be as the role of the leader (Owner, President, CEO) of the company making a presentation to investors.

You are to prepare a 3-year plan that demonstrates how the additional business will support your company (core CA) and its prime objectives towards success and growth. Your plan should cover the selected industry and its traditional business model and discuss how your application of such business model, or derivatives of it, are proposed to function in your ideas. The plan should present a rationale as to why this business will work. Be creative but realistic in your planning. Also, as many people believe these industries are failing you must be an advocate and convince the investor/listener that your strategy, based on sound reasoning and facts/statistics and examples, will work. THE PAPER The written plan should not exceed 10 pages, exclusive of title pages, table of contents, references and attachments.

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