Final Group Project Milestone 3 Report

Final Group Project Milestone 3 Report

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Lastly, address the following issues in your report to management:

• Cost of labor (assume $125 hr for analysis; $100 hr for design/development; and $75 hr for installation and upgrade of any hardware and software; if you are providing training then include that as well at $75 hr) and any hardware and software that the new system will need. Create an estimated budget for the proposed system.

• Final Gantt chart (yes do a Gantt chart) with all steps and phases of the project. Make sure to include an explanation of the project time line to explain each step (as needed).

• Any security issues regarding the new system (as needed, you can make assumptions here).

• How you plan on testing the system, and providing ongoing maintenance and support once it is implemented.

• Any issues that you encountered (challenges, problems, etc.).

• Screen shots of anything that you have designed/developed (not required), with an explanation of each screen to guide the reader through the report.

• Documentation for the proposed system.

• Your final report and presentation must be uploaded to Canvas under assignments by the specified due date in Canvas.

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