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Instructions: Answer the following questions in the form of a
comprehensive essay. Each answer should be a thorough and considered
composition structured around a specific and clearly stated thesis.
Your ideas should be clearly articulated, not merely implied. That is
to say, responses should reflect an understanding of the material, not
merely the ability to cite it, and should include evidence –detailed
references to specific shots/scenes– to support your point(s).

• Papers should be typed and adhere to standard MLA format. • Papers
should also be checked for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• Film titles are underlined or put in italics, not put in quotation marks.
• When discussing the events of a film, use present tense.
• Also when discussing a film, use characters’ names, not the actors’ names.

According to Campbell’s theory of the hero’s journey, as well as
Jung’s theory of archetypes, the hero of a story may well come up
against a ‘father figure’ who must be bettered, persuaded or whose
approval must be achieved in some way. Ultimately, by whatever means,
the difficult relationship between the two must be reconciled. This
person may well be a person in high authority or who has significant
power in some way. It may also be a god or immortal of some kind.
Several of the films we’ve screened this term feature father -son relationships
– Victor and Arnold Joseph ( Smoke Signals ), David/Bud and George
(Pleasantville), Roy and Tyrell ( Blade Runner ), Ricky and Col. Fitts
( American Beauty ). Discuss at least two of these relationships in
terms of the issues involved, how they are reconciled, and what we,
the audience, learn in the process.


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