Film Review: Bowling for Columbine

Film Review: Bowling for Columbine

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Research the second amendment.

Here is a link to a story on the most recent case:\

At the end of your review, please respond to these questions.What does the woman mean by “cut out the middle man? What was the purpose of the calendar?  Do you think it is appropriate? Why are there no men in the calendar? What is the militia member referring to when he states, “You are in dereliction of duty as an American citizen”? What techniques are employed by Moore in his interview of Nichols? What concerns do you think Moore had about this interview?What does Moore mean when he asks about “Gandhi’s way”? What was Gandhi’s way? Why do you think Nichols did not have a response? How did Moore bring out Nichol’s real character?  Contrast the first part of the interview where Moore is bragging about how people perceive him to the end of the interview where he shows Moore the gun in his room. The Oscoda Boys: How did Moore bring out the Oscoda Boys real characters?  Why was the one disappointed at being number two on the bomb-threat list?  How did Moore bring this out?  How did he get past his defenses? Compare the interview with Marilyn Manson.  How did he bring out Manson’s real character?



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