Film Review Assignment

Film Review Assignment

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Read all the instructions before your select your film. You may only write on a film on this list.

Review one documentary film.

Each review has two parts:

1. Write an academic review according to general instructions on Page 2.

2. Answer the specific questions for your film – on the individual page for your film

The film list begins on Page 3.

Your review should be at least 1,500 words double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-pt font. NOTE: This word count includes the word count for pasting in the questions you answer. Please paste in the questions and then type your answers under each question. It is easier for us to grade your paper and we won’t mix up any of your answers.

You can write a longer paper, but try to be concise and to the point so you stay close to the word count.

This is a low-stress assignment and is meant for you enjoy a documentary with a new perspective and apply concepts learned in this course.

Papers will be graded on originality, critical assessment, and comprehension of the film content, grammar and organization. NO QUOTES ARE ALLOWED IN THIS PAPER!

Please do not attempt this assignment without watching the film. Your professor has seen all of them several times and can tell if you watched it or not. It is best to watch the film and then, during a second viewing, pause the film to write down answers to the questions.

Do not pick one with only a few questions, the film is most likely longer or the questions are more difficult.

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