to be figure out after the literature review

to be figure out after the literature review

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My instructor is a little bit unorganized !! because she wants me to write the literature review a perfect, strong, and everything in the world literature review without a having a specific topic, or a number of pages, or even research style. she did not specify the number of pages , she said as far as the search goes on. the subject should start with Decision Making and goes through decision making in web base systems, then through decision techniques like data mining, text mining that supports decision making in web base systems. she said to make the search interesting and don’t be restricted to a specific area or subject and after your search around these subjects you will feel where you want to go and where is your direction!! also you will figure out what’s your specific title of your paper will be and what is your I need a professional writer who will develop a very good understanding of the subject and come up with a strong review that contains a lot of recent resources like from 2007 and above also you can use older resources but not too much and 2004 is the oldest reference that you can use. after writing the review you should specify exactly what you the topic or the title of the research paper will be and what is the aim behind writing this paper based on the review on the above subjectsalso the literature review should contain previously done models on the area of the subject and try include graphs too.

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