family and marriage

family and marriage

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Complete your paper that should be between 8-12 double-spaces pages; cover page and References page are additional to the above minimum required pages. You should have a minimum of five (5) references written and arranged according to APA style. If you are unfamiliar with this style, please, Google to find out how. After completing your paper, upload it for grading.

Here is some additional information about the paper he included on the outline.

Create an outline of your paper including Introduction (which you should write completely); body (include subheadings that you will use in your paper), most of these subheadings will come from your questions you had in your proposal—other subtopics may come up as you do research on your topic. Include a conclusion that summarized your findings. At this point you will simply suggest what you may end up including in your conclusion.

Finally, add references. These are the citations that you will use for your paper. Remember to use APA format—you can google in the Internet. For example, APA does not call “Work Cited” or “Bibliography”, it is called “References” and these references are written in a specific format that you will find when you google. When you complete this assignment, upload it for your instructor to review and grade.

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