Factors Explaining Exports and Imports

Factors Explaining Exports and Imports

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You will need two data sources. 1. the data from doingbusiness.org website (rankings and categories) and 2. PWT 8.0. I am supposed to look at the Africa countries as a group, which can be found in the excel document that I will attach. In the excel it will say which countries are part of the Africa group. My assignment is to come up
with/derive micro and macro factors that explain exports and imports for my Africa group. Maybe on the excel data you will be able to look at some factors of trade such as imports and exports, and other variables and run a regression as well. Teacher likes us to elaborate on the findings and be entertained when reading it. Please attach
everything done on excel as well. He wants to see all work.

It is only the countries that is on the excel. If you need to run a regression or anything you can delete the countries with the missing variables to clean the data. The teacher does not mind. You do not need to fit in the missing variables. But for additional research please use that other website he said for the paper. Perhaps it would
be best to split up the paper. One part is micro economics and the other macro economics. But you know best. Thank you soooooo much!

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