What factors attract and retain Irish teachers to work in the United Arab Emirates?

What factors attract and retain Irish teachers to work in the United Arab Emirates?

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How will your research method or design allow you to answer your research question or test your hypotheses?, How will you collect your data?, Why is this method appropriate to the aims of the research?, How will you analyze your data? Why is this choice appropriate and better than other forms of analysis? Be specific, i.e. why ANOVA and not t-test, why discourse analysis not grounded theory etc.?, Outline the main phases or general timetable for completion of the project Discussion, Typically around 700 words, How will your methodology appropriately address your research question? Are there any drawbacks of researching in this way? Discuss strengths and weaknesses?, How will your research contribute to the knowledge and practice base in the topic you have chosen to research? Are there any practical applications you envisage?, How will this contribute to theory? Will this research open new avenues for further research? Ethics: A short statement (typically 100 words) indicating that you have considered the ethical issues involved and what you see these as being: A separate Ethics form (including Information sheet and Consent form) must be attached References: These may range from academic journal articles to the minutes of meetings or wider data sources – but specific to topic not general.
Research Question: What attracts and retains Irish teachers to work in the United Arab Emirates. I have access to a sample of Irish teaching students through a university in Ireland & a forum of Irish teachers working in the UAE. My hypothesis is that what attracts them here is lack of entry level jobs in Ireland plus the offer of tax free salary here, with the perception of lifestyle in the UAE being a negative. However what I think would be interesting once they arrive and start working, how entry level jobs and tax free salary might maintain a constant, how lifestyle might become more of a motivating factor in retention. (my guess is that there is a huge misconception about how great their social life/work life balance etc is in the UAE). I am also predicting that in Ireland where schools are state run there will be a negative impact on the Irish teachers in the UAE with regards to how the commercial aspect of the job effects them that the students would’nt have anticipated. Thats all i have so far I would need help with coming up with a method etc in the proposal.

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