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Facebook Marketing

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JANUARY 15, 2013, 10:03 A.M. Mark Zuckerberg, casually dressed in his hoodie, entered the media event room at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California. This was Facebook’s first live introduction of a new product. As he stepped in front of the audience, Zuckerberg noticed the numerous glowing white Apple icons arrayed throughout the auditorium. These images very briefly reminded him of his mentor, the late Steve Jobs, who played a significant role in his professional development and his company’s success. Even some of Facebook’s current challenges were brought about by Jobs’ revolution of the mobile industry. Today, Zuckerberg would attempt to engage an audience with a new product in a manner similar to Jobs’ flashy introductions of new.

Zuckerberg opened with a review of Facebook’s mission and described the structure of the company’s current social ecosystem. Two current products, Timeline and News Feed, represented two of the three pillars supporting the Facebook ecosystem. These two products allow users to view a portion of their social network by continuously answering the questions, “What’s going on?” and “Who is this?” After reviewing the first two pillars, Zuckerberg unveiled the third pillar: Graph Search, which allows users to query their social network directly. He intentionally noted that Graph Search is very different from a normal web search because it filters results based on a user’s connectivity to his or her social network.

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