To what extent does gender affects level of wage?

To what extent does gender affects level of wage?

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To what extent does gender affects level of wage?4700 words in total, 15 references.Use standard English///

Chapter1:introduction (600 words)1.1Preamble1.2 Background1.3 Aims and Rationale1.4 Outline of the project///

Chapter2: literature Review (1000 words)2.1 Definition of wage equation2.2 The factors influencing wage2.2.1 Factors that affects the wage equation2. Hypothesis

chapter3:Methodology(1500 words)3.1 Data (Data needs to be raw primary data for regression analaysis)3.1.1 Data sources3.2 Research Model3.2.1 Variables3.2.2 Regression Model (Need to use Stata for data analysis)3.2.2 Testing model methods3.2.4 Limitation of the research and Multiple Regression Model///

Chapter 4: Results and Discussions (800 words)4.1 Results 4.1.1 Model fit( Correlation)4.2 Discussion///

Chapter 5: Conclusion (800 words)5.1 introduction5.2 Analytical Summary and Reaserch implication5.3 Limitation of the Reasearch5.4 Recommendation for furture Reaserch and future Business5.5 Endnote

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