explain why realism or liberalism or english school is best

explain why realism or liberalism or english school is best

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Title:explain why realism or liberalism or english school is best

Project instructions:
The essay is to be written on the question:
�Which of the theories studied on this module is the most convincing and
You are expected to evaluate the chosen theory. Hence, the essay ought to be
divided equally between three sections:
1. A summary of the chosen theory and its strengths.
2. A summary of the weaknesses and criticisms of the theory.
3. A defence of the theory: that is, you must show why, despite its weaknesses
and the criticisms, the theory should still be regarded as the best on
You can follow a different structure, but doing these three things is
the most straight
forward path to passing the module.

The 3 Theories studied : Realism, Liberalism and English school.
(Choose one of them)

If you deicide to choose Realism (which I think you should)
You have to define realism and talk about the strength and weaknesses,
explain why you chose this theory and give reasoning. You also have to
have to compare it to another theory and say why realism is better�
Give an example..
In conclusion you can praise the theory again


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