Explain the emergence of Toyotism or the Toyota Production System,

Explain the emergence of Toyotism or the Toyota Production System,

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The school has provided me with the question for my coming exam, hence I would need a model answer for the question in order to practice and memorize before I sit the exam.  Please note that this is the exact question that will come up. The key readings are listed in the file.  I preferred who are expert in writing the criteria of the China Business.The module is: East Asian Business in the Global Economy.  The exam question is Explain the emergence of Toyotism or the Toyota
Production System, its uniqueness and its influence on global production. And the minimum required for this exam question is  A good knowledge of East Asian business group development in a country example (China, for example: are there large diversified groups in China? Have they grown quickly? Have the governments’ policies been successful? What kind of policies were used, and so on).    An industry example (we look at the auto industry in detail: what
has happened to the global industry and what are the implications for East Asian businesses).   An understanding of the diversified business group. Why do such
groups emerge and what are the difficulties such groups may face today?  Contrast craft production, Fordism– Production line (not simply assembly life)  Usual details of business group– Labour, capital, factor/product markets– Technology acquisition, improvement– Relationships with suppliers, customers  Lean production, just-in-time– Example of Global platform strategy, biz revolution.

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