Experiencing Politics Paper

Experiencing Politics Paper

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Experiencing Politics Paper: This assignment requires the student to obtain an opportunity to “experience politics” in the local community, and to write a brief paper analyzing his or her personal experience. The student may avail himself/herself of a variety of opportunities (e.g. attending a City Council or School Board meeting, sitting in on a legislative session, sitting in a trial, participating in a political campaign event or meeting, participating in a Student Government meeting, attending a campus meeting of College Republicans or College
Democrats, etc.) The experience must be an actual “in person” experience. (For example, watching a political event on television or trial on Court TV is not acceptable.) o The experiencing politics paper is expected to be approximately 4 pages in length, and should reflect on your experiences in government and/or 7 politics. Yet, it is not simply a personal history of your experience. Rather, you are expected to compare and contrast your experiences with the concepts and facts studied in class. Also, you are expected to discuss the theories and concepts of democratic government revealed by your experiences. Your analysis is to include an examination of whether the democratic values of freedom, order and equality were at issue in the meetings you experienced. o The paper is to be typed, double-spaced, and stapled, with one-inch margins on all sides. o No citations or research are necessary, but it must be your own ideas, written in your on your own words. If you do outside research, a bibliography must be attached.

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