Examine a journal article

Examine a journal article

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Project instructions:
Choose a journal article from your subject area. Examine it using the following
� What methods/data/sources/cases have been used?
� What are the strengths and weaknesses of the methods/data/sources/cases?
� Overall, do you find that the methods/data/sources/cases used are
convincing/appropriate for what the article is trying to do?
Your evaluation must be based on appropriate research methods literature. A
minimum of six academic publications about research methods must have been

If you think there are more weaknesses than strength then discuss the weaknesses
FIRST and then strength. If you think it has more strength then
discuss strength FIRST followed by weaknesses

I CHOSE a article (attached) for you, qualitative method is being used
in this article and it also uses the semi structured method so touch
upon that

Let me know if you have questions within the next 3 days so I can get
back to you with feedback if you want

And also a VERY IMPORTANT thing is the sources. I need to be able to
track them back please so make sure they are available online or the
pages of the book shows in google books.


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