Evidence based Practice question

Evidence based Practice question

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This is EBP research assignment. Pls create clinical question and do research on three database and answer all question that asked in ” EBP Searchable Clinical Questions form’. Pls make your own clinical question and use as much as u needed sources to finish this assignment. I’m just choosing zero sources bcoz I don’t know how much sources u will use for this assignment. Grading rubric will be attach with this order. Pls use Microsoft word 2010 for this assignment. Pls write directly in “EBP Searchable Clinical Questions form” that will attach with this order.

My area of practice is med-surg nursing
please find the selected topic which is ”Dosage effects of spinal manipulative therapy for chronic neck pain”
The articles required from JBI related to the spinal manipulative therapy.

for JBI datsbaser I just find only four articles so pls write a note that only four articles found on JBI databse it’s in instrucrtion “4. An optimal range of 10-20 scholarly articles is to be achieved for each search. This may require performing a combination of Boolean terms in order to achieve the optimal range. If this is not possible, a detailed explanation is to be included in the notes section. Points will be deducted if you do not perform enough of a search to arrive at the optimal range.

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