event development

event development

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•First, specify the type of event that you will be planning: sporting, art, or entertainment event; community fundraiser; product marketing; festival; and so on.
•As the event planner, create the basic concept idea, and draw up the mission/purpose. Explain your overall concept in no less than 150 words, including the basic skeletal beginning of an event (theme, date, time, location, audience, etc.).
•Based on the purpose of the event, keeping the stakeholders interests in mind, develop the goals and objectives. Consider all of the necessary areas that make up a general concept: theme, date, time, location, audience, and so on.
◦There should be at least 2 goals that are supported by at least 4 measurable objectives.
◦Use the SMART tool to develop these objectives.
◦Include possible stakeholder expectations and concerns while developing and analyzing the concept.
•Next, step back and look at the overall concept you have created.
Analyze it by considering competition, laws & regulations, marketing, impact on the local community, safety issues, and how you would financially manage the concept.

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