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Your dear sweet grandmother, Mildred, is a resident of “Heavens Waiting Room” retirement home in Boca Raton, Florida. The facility is full of active seniors ranging in age from 65 to 95. The facility is coed and houses a total population of 400 minimal care residents. Mildred is charge of the homes newsletter and this month has decided
to design, conduct, and publish an evaluation of denture adhesives in hopes of getting management to stock the preferred brand. “Heavens Waiting Room” currently only stocks one brand – “Brand A”. Mildred, a denture wearer, has been glued to the TV for weeks watching the latest adhesive commercials. She has determined that theĀ  valuation will include three brands – “Brand A”, “Brand B”, and “Brand C”. While considering her management audience, she states and defines three criteria as follows: 1) Cost – defined as wholesale cost to the home 2) Taste – defined as the degree of unpleasant flavor to the user 3) Hold – defined as how long it holds before a second application is needed
Mildred will use a scoring system that will be defined as follows: Note-high score is optimal in each category
1) Cost – “3” if under $5 per tube, “2” if between $5 and $10 per tube, “1” if over $10 per tube 2) Taste – “10” if flavorless, “5” if bad taste lasts under five minutes, “0” if bad taste lasts over 5 minutes 3) Hold – “10” if it lasts over two hours, “5” if lasts between one and two hours, “0” if it lasts under an hour.

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