Evaluating Toxic Leadership in the Military

Evaluating Toxic Leadership in the Military

Evaluating Toxic Leadership in the Military

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Evaluating Toxic Leadership in the Military Argument for specific change in form of “persuasive essay,” in which provide evidence from at least 5 sources to support the argument. Also need to reconcile a misconception about the topic, and influence the audience. I have a working thesis and misconception, also a few references that need to be used. Paper must meet follow requirements:
1. APA 6th addition manuscript format including reference page and in-text citations.
2. Thesis statement (which again I have a one, that can be edited, but needs to stay in same idea) needs to be at the end on the introduction paragraph.
3. Well-developed paragraphs that include evidence from creditable sources to support argument for topic of change.
4. Five reliable sources should be cited within the text; at least two of the cited sources should be books and periodical article.
5. All cited sources need to have full citations on reference page.
6. Standard American English and a formal tone throughout the writing,
7. A strong and well-supported argument will be at least five-pages (1,200 words long) or more, not including the references page,
8. Has to be below 20 % with Turnitin.com.

WORKING THESIS: Frequent evaluation of leadership styles and characteristics should be mandatory in the military because it will reveal problematic issues, provide help to bullied personnel, and create a more effective and efficient working environment.

THE MISCONCEPTION USED: People have conceptualization of pre-set characteristics to evaluate leadership for toxic behavior traits, while others claim that toxic leaders should not be identified on characteristics alone, but need to be evaluated on cultural contribution to organizations destructiveness within leaders.


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