Ethics and diversity

Ethics and diversity

Ethics and diversity

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Ethics and diversity Answer each essay questions in a separate Word document. Each essay should be between 1 page in length, unless noted within the question. Make sure to use the number of sources required for each question and add references and in text citations for each question.

Answer each of the following questions:
1) Analyze the changing racial and ethnic face of America and identify at least four issues related to policing. Describe these issues and their potential consequences/impact on professional policing (Use five credible sources to support your answer.)
2) The following scenario is fictitious; names are used only for reference and are not affiliated with anyone in law enforcement. Officer Gregory has been a police officer for 31 years; he is retiring in 3 months. He has been in one district his entire career and has received numerous awards for valor and bravery. Officer Gregory has a vivacious personality, is known to be very thoughtful and giving, and seems to be friends with everyone. The Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commander are his close personal friends. They go fishing and golfing as much as they can together. You are a police officer with less than one year on the job and you are the last rookie officer assigned him
before he retires. He asked to be your Field Training Officer (FTO) specifically when you were assigned to the district. Officer Gregory went so far as to give you his Distinguished Service Cross and presented you with a replica of your star encased in glass.

The last few days that you worked with Officer Gregory have been troubling you. There have been a number of separate incidents that have occurred that you remained quiet about, even though these incidents could place you in jeopardy of losing your job, especially because you are still in your probationary period. The shift started simply enough, you and Officer Gregory went to the local convenient store to get your morning coffee. The convenient store owner was happy to see both of you and said that your “coffee is on the house.” An emergency call of a burglary in progress came over the radio. On the way out the door, you noticed that Officer Gregory put a pair of sunglasses from a display and a candy bar from the shelf into his pocket. He did not pay or say anything to the clerk, who was on the
other side of the store.

Officer Gregory was very quiet as he drove with lights and siren to the burglary call. The burglar was gone, and the house was ransacked. You saw Officer Gregory bend down and put two watches into his pocket that the burglar must have dropped on the floor when he rushed out of the house. You heard Officer Gregory mumble, “Their insurance should cover this and everything else.” A few minutes later other officers were on the scene to take a report from the home-owner who just arrived home. The dispatcher called Officer Gregory on the radio, and said the Commander wants to see both of you in the station immediately. Without hesitation both you and Officer Gregory leave for the station.


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