ethical and legal issues in health care

ethical and legal issues in health care

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Depending on the size of the tutorial, students may choose to present individually or in a small group (a maximum of 3 students).  Students will nominate their choice of case study topic during the first two weeks of tutorials.  Students are to choose from the topics which are linked to a specific semester week as listed in the Tutorial Case Study Booklet.  A list of case study topics, student names and dates of presentations will be posted on the unit’s website in the week following the second tutorial.  Students should check that this list is accurate. Marks for presentations will be given in written format one week after the presentations are delivered.  Students presenting as a group of 2-3 students will receive the same mark, unless there is a great disparity in quality between the members of that group. There are several case studies offered in each tutorial from week 4 – 8, 10, 12- 13.  Therefore, there are 8 weeks set aside for case study presentations. Generally, the case study topic will relate to the preceding week’s lecture, although this is not always possible.  A copy of the case studies for each week is provided in the Tutorial Case Study Booklet which will be available. All case studies will not be covered each week. There will be a limit of two or three case studies per week per class. Students are expected to read the case studies for the specific presentations each week, as this will assist their fellow students in the classroom discussion. It is a good idea for students to access the tutorial booklet on the web prior to the first tutorial so that they have an idea of which tutorial topic they would like to choose.

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