Estee lauder Analysis Paper

Estee lauder Analysis Paper

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Content: Analysis of one company, with financial analyses including five years of ratio analysis using the ratios from class, stock valuation using as many of the methods from class as are appropriate, international presence and impacts, and recent news. In addition, both the Works Cited and Citations in the body of the paper must be in MLA format. The Works Cited list should be single-spaced and does not have to begin on a new page.

DO NOT ATTACH THE FINANCIALS!\n Length: Maximum is four sheets of paper. Count the number of sheets of paper you are handing in. If it is more than four, I will return it to you for revision and take 20 points off your paper grade. Format: Single-sided, double-spaced,* Times New Roman 12, one-inch margins, left justified, page numbers, stapled. No cover page or folder. On page 1, type your name, the title of the paper, skip a line and begin writing.

You may NOTTT use footnotes or endnotes. If your paper is not in the correct format,\n *Tables and the Works Cited must be single spaced and do not have to start on a new page. Citations and Works Cited: Must be in MLA Style.

I have posted a link on Canvas pertaining to accessing information on MLA Style. You should have a variety of citations from the library databases. If you use the SEC for financials only, you do not need to cite it. You may not use Wikipedia or similar websites.\n\n\n

Databases:\nValue line \nSEC DO NOT USE ANY OTHER FORM OF RESOURCE \n\nExcept for the recent news part of the analysis paper\n\nThe company you will be analyzing is Estee Lauder (EL)

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