Essay, Linguistics

Essay, Linguistics

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In Unit 4 you will familiar with the regeneration of cities and the regeneration project of San José in Costa Rica . You’ve also seen different strategies to argue and persuade.
To prepare your homework you can review the activities 20.1 , 20.2, 20.3 , 20.4 , 20.6 , 20.7, 20.8 , 20.9 and 20.10 of interactive audio -visual material . If you wish, you can also find information on the internet . In preparing the recording is important that you select the information to adjust to the time allowed . Do not write a complete text to read : notes used only as indicated in strategies to make an oral presentation (activity 1.4 of interactive audio – visual material), and note that your contribution should sound natural. Please introduce yourself and finish properly. The recording should last for 4 to 5 minutes at a normal pace . If you think you’re talking too fast or too slow , record yourself again. Speak clearly and pay special attention to intonation to hold the attention of listeners .
Make sure you have reviewed the following points as you will be given credit for properly include :
verbs to express predictions (activity 16.9 interactive audio – visual materials ) how to express agreement and disagreement emphatically (activity 19.7 interactive audio – visual materials ) how to express opinions ( 19.1 and 19.4 activities of interactive audio -visual material ) uses the indicative and subjunctive to express opinions ( 19.6 and 20.7 activities of interactive audio – visual materials ) how to express expectations and desires (activity 20.4 of interactive audio – visual material).


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