Essay, Finance and Accounting Ryan Air

Essay, Finance and Accounting Ryan Air

Essay, Finance and Accounting Ryan Air

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Essay, Finance and Accounting Ryan Air Using the case study of Ryan air,(i will attach it you are required to develop a 3,500 words case study demonstrating critical analysis of the organizational strategy and its future directions. Students are expected to use academic models and frameworks studied during this module in the development of their case studies. The case study should address the following tasks:

1.Critically discuss the strategy that Ryan air has pursued over the last 3-5 years. Considerations should be given to what was the intended strategy, what had actually happened (the realised strategy).
2.Critically evaluate the key environmental challenges (external and internal) that affected the strategy of Ryan air during the last 3-5 years. Based on your evaluation, conclude how successful the business was in addressing these challenges.
3.Based on the critical discussion and evaluation in tasks 1 and 2, conclude whether the present strategy of Ryan air is sustainable or not. Support your opinion with a range of academic frameworks. Students are expected to critically discuss the sustainability of company’s competitive advantage and its strategic direction over a long term. (approx. 500 words)
4.Develop and critically discuss a strategic option that Ryan air could choose to ensure their success in the future. Critically discuss a range of implementation issues for your selected option, giving considerations for impact, timescale and ownership within the organization


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