Environmental Report

Environmental Report

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Go to the EPA website and locate the air quality data for Dublin Coleraine street monitoring station for 2014. Download the data for PM2.5, SO2, NOx and CO. PM2.5 is reported as 24-hour values in units of Pg/m3 , SO2 and NOx parameters are reported hourly and are recorded in units of both ppb and Pg/m3 . Choose either ppb or Pg/m3

. If CO is reported hourly in units of ppm and mg/m3

, choose either one.

To obtain data: Go to www.epa.ie – click on the “Air” tab – select “Air Quality Data” – under Dublin, click on “Coleraine street” – then “Download data for the Coleraine Street site – follow the links for PM2.5, NOx, SO2 and CO.

NOTE: For Nitrogen Oxides Monitoring Data, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), you may need to click the “Full attachment list” to see the option for the Coleraine Street station for a particular year.

Also note that if you are doing the exercises listed below in excel – you will want to make sure you have Excel Analysis ToolPak loaded and be sure that the data format is set as quantitative numeric data – this will make generation of histograms easier.

Generate graphs to visualize the data and discuss the following:

i. Generate and discuss descriptive statistics, i.e. minimum, 25th percentile, median, mean, 75th percentile and maximum values of SO2, NOx, CO and PM2.5:

a. For the full year

b. For the period May-September

c. For the period October-April

ii. For each parameter, generate a histogram showing the distribution of the values recorded for the full year. Indicate the location of the mean, median and the 25th and 75th percentiles in the graph.

a. Are the values normally distributed?

b. Would you expect them to be?

iii. Generate graphs showing the average values of the different air quality parameters over the following temporal cycles at Dublin Coleraine street monitoring site over the year 2014 and discuss:

a. Annual cycle of daily averages (All parameters)

b. Annual cycle of monthly averages (All Parameters)

c. Weekly cycle of daily averages (All Parameters)

d. 24-hour cycle of hourly averages (SO2, NOx and CO)

iv. Visualise the relationship between 24-hour average values of SO2 and PM2.5. Are they correlated?

v. Are there any exceedances of the legislative limits of air pollutants?

vi. Are there any data points that appear to be particularly unrealistic or outliers? If so, explain why you think this is so and what may have happened in the context of a monitoring program.

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