Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Environmental Law

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Environmental Law The teams must set out their own targets in relation to the proposed field development and will “play out” their roles to achieve these targets for a simulated period of one year. At the end of this time the teams will make final debrief presentations, in which they will reveal their objectives, strategies and tactics and analyse the lessons they have learned from the process.

Evaluation Report (Individual) Based on your participation in the role-play simulation and your study of key concepts from this module, you are required to answer the following questions:

1. To what extent should the government of an oil or gas-producing nation seek advice from outsiders on how its oil or gas reserves should be developed and the resulting revenues should be used?
2. How far should an oil or gas company go in supporting the development of local communities in which it operates and to what extent should it take on government responsibility for this?
3. Responsibility for Environmental Management: To what extent should the government of an oil/gas-producing nation and/or an oil company seek specialist advice from outsiders, including NGOs on how environmental issues should be managed? What rule should apply to NGO activities?


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