Environmental interpretation – Cultural fair

Environmental interpretation – Cultural fair

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Project Overview: The purpose of the project is for students to demonstrate their understanding of Environmental Interpretation and communication methods by applying accepted processes and methods within the specified project. Students are required to select a topic appropriate to the aims of the specified project. Students are then
required to apply principles of planning for interpretation to develop and produce interpretation materials for their topic.  This will involve identifying appropriate aims, objectives, and methods of communication and evaluation to meet the needs of the project. Students will be expected to liaise and communicate with stakeholders to ensure their expectations for the project are met. The faculty member responsible for delivering this course will act as lead stakeholder/facilitator, and you will need to satisfy them as to your objectives, planning and progress throughout the semester.  Overall Aim: To develop students’ ability to critically analyze methods of interpretation and apply their theoretical understanding to a practical “real world” situation, including evaluation of processes, methods and outcomes of interpretation. Learning Outcomes (from the CRS): 1. Critically analyze the role of interpretation and
communication in influencing public understanding and behavior. 2. Evaluate the roles of different organizations and stakeholders in managing interpretation to influence behavior within contemporary society. 3. Evaluate methods and strategies for interpretation and communication and their effectiveness for different audiences and
differing purposes. 4. Apply methods of interpretation and communication to address problems and opportunities within industry and society.

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