Environmental Health Concerns: in the U.S and abroad

Environmental Health Concerns: in the U.S and abroad

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In Week 1 of this class, you were introduced to important U.S. environmental concerns during the past 50 years. Now that you have learned more about each of these and how they have changed with the times, the next step is to develop your priorities. As you know, we have limited public health resources. So it is very important to focus our resources where they can bring the greatest benefit. For you Week 8 Written Assignment, I would like to know what you think are the
most important environmental health concerns — U.S. and global. Prepare a 1-2 (maximum) page paper responding to the following:
Imagine that you are in charge of the world’s largest charity, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation*, and you’ve been asked by Bill and Linda to allocate half of the Foundation’s funds to a U.S. environmental health problem and the other half to a global problem. Where would you put the money?? You may select any environmental health issue you like. It is not necessary for it to be part of the Foundation at present. * Note: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
with $30 billion+ in assets, has a broad reach but focuses on global education and health. Their current efforts target many of the environmental health issues we discussed in this class including providing access to fresh water, developing sanitation infrastructure, teaching efficient agricultural practices, etc.

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