Engineering mega project management (The Channel Tunnel)

Engineering mega project management (The Channel Tunnel)

Engineering mega project management (The Channel Tunnel)

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Engineering mega project management (The Channel Tunnel) According to my studies in production management master program, this thesis should cover all main elements of the engineering mega project (The Channel Tunnel) . Regarding the controlling analysis it is need to be clear with all details in the Mega project (The Channel Tunnel)
based on (KPIs) key performance indicator and (SWOT) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Taking into account technical issues (mechanical engineering view).
Therefore, during the conclusion part, knowing the impact, statistics, and results in our analysis will provides some techniques to avoid or prevent delay, or over-budget might affect the mega project deliverables, especially this kind of projects have somehow huge impact economically and environmentally.

Very important notes:
1- The channel tunnel view (to be describe all the project view, prefer in modeling form ex: lucid chart IDEF0 ).
2- Analyzing based on (KPI) method, during the project implementation as a Professional Project Manager.
3- Analyzing based on (SWOT) method, showing all learned and lessons actions.
4-Economical statistics comments and remarks

* Mainly the thesis must be more about the Mechanical Engineering techniques issues without any additional introductions or theory methods.


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