Employee Engagement 7 Hidden Reasons

Employee Engagement 7 Hidden Reasons

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In our studies of the 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, we learned about many reasons employees disengage and leave their jobs. Out text cited 76 reasons and even when we discount those considered as unpreventable such as a spouse’s job relocation, commuter distance, etc., the list of serious reasons is still around 67. Leigh Branham studied and analyzed all those reasons and then categorized all them into four fundamental needs

Because of your scope of responsibility, authority, and level of influence is significantly different for each of these positions, you must answer for all the questions for each of the positions, this means you will present your response to all the requirements for each of the three positions.

• Vice President Human Resources
• Department Manager

Assignment Requirements:
1. Define and state your overall Engagement Objective
2. What specific initiatives will you take to most effectively address each of the Four Fundamental Needs?
3. How will you gain leadership “buy-in” to support your proposed initiative?
4. Eighteen (18) months following implementation of your initiatives, how will you measure the results i.e what impact your initiatives have had on the organization? – specifically in regarding to employee engagement and voluntary turnover?
5. Concluding Statement as to “why” you believe your proposed approach will meet your stated objective.

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