The effectiveness of Cash Management policies a case study

The effectiveness of Cash Management policies a case study

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The title of your proposed research must fulfill a number of set criteria. First, it must reflect the nature of your study. For example, if you intend studying a particularly firm’s financial performance, then something to this effect must be stressed in your proposed title. Second, it must be concise. Ideally, try not to exceed more than 10-12 words. Third, try to avoid unnecessary terms such as ‘Case study approach’. Finally, try and keep your title clear and easy to understand. In other words, consider it from the layperson’s point of view.

Research Problem

The research problem or the main focus of your research should be clearly set out within the introductory section of your proposal. As noted earlier, it is important that the nature of your topic is clear and easy to understand. Your introductory section should provide background to your study; while at the same time define any key words or terms. Ideally, brief reference should also be made to existing studies that are relevant to your own work. Of course, making sure that the Harvard referencing System is applied in the correct way.

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