effective security management

effective security management

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A 15-20 page research paper will be required for this course. The paper will be an organizational analysis of an approved security organization. An example of an organizational analysis would be imagining that you are the security director of an organization real or imagined. It would include a thorough description of the organization. This would be followed by a discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly of that set up and a description of what would make the organization better. As the person in charge and with sufficient funding available, describe changes you would make to ensure that the people and other assets of the organization were afforded adequate protection. For my research paper, I would like the guidelines to apply to the logistical company I work for. In this scenario, the logistical company is experiencing all kinds of problems from a security administration perspective and management. I am pretending to be the new security director that istaking over security of the logistical company and planning to assess, revamp and implement newsecurity administrative measures to help put the company in a better position financially andreduce shrink exponentially.

This logistical company is experiencing all kinds of shrink problems, theft interally and externally on campus ranging from logistical products being stolen all the way to computers from officebeing stolen due to no cameras or excess security guards to help maintain the security at thecompany grounds.

It would be important to review the security posture starting from the external outside perimeter ie….fencing, parking, entry way, exit ways, identification stations, and so forth. Moving onward, I need for the research paper to review internally security administrative measures which can be taken to deal with theft of office and logistical supplies abroad to help reduce shrinkage.

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