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Assignment 2: Effectiveness of the Form of OwnershipMany entrepreneurs, especially designers, start out on their own to do more creative work. However, administrative, marketing, sales, and accounting tasks can drain even the most enthusiastic of entrepreneurs. These routine and not-so-creative tasks leave them with no time to do the work they initially sought out to do. Recruiting people to take care of these tasks or outsourcing these tasks to vendors becomes necessary. Hence, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to choose a form of ownership that does not burden them with responsibilities of minor importance and gives them greater freedom and peace of mind for creative and productive tasks.When Sheila Jones began DC Design, she chose sole proprietorship as a form of ownership. Later on, she changed it to a limited liability company (LLC). Based on your reading of the case study and any external resources, respond to the following
:• Evaluate the choice of the organizational form in the case study.
• Analyze the advantages and disadvantages Sheila Jones would experience as an LLC if she operated from your state or locality MIAMI.
Write a 2-page report in Word format.
Apply APA standards to citation of sources..

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