Educational research/literature review of current research

Educational research/literature review of current research

Order Details for a research paper that looks at the post-secondary success of student who participate in high school dual/concurrent enrollment programs (classes taken in high schools that students receive both high school and college credit for). No formal introduction or conclusions are needed in the paper I am requisitions. What is needed is a review/summary of the 2 research papers provided. Each research paper should be summarized/reviewed individually, with about 3 pages dedicated to each research paper. The summaries should describe; 1. What is the research about/what are the researchers trying to determine; including what are the major questions the research/study is trying to answer 2. What are the major findings, outcomes, and conclusions of the research? What does the data show/conclude. 3. What, if any, are the limitation if the study. These should be pointed out and describe by the authors of each study.

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