Earn Credit

Tutors Cube is adding a new feature to its website, which allows students to upload instructions of their assignments and get a free credit up to $20* that can be used for any custom order that they place through our website. It is a simple process as follows.

  1. Click on ‘Upload Your Assignment’
  2. Fill in the brief form and upload instruction files or simply paste your instructions in the description field.
  3. Click on ‘Submit’
  4. Our company will approve the files or instruction text that you submit.
  5. Once approved, a coupon code will be generated and sent to your email that you can avail for placing any custom order on our website.

This unique opportunity gives you the chance of earning credits that you can use against your total bill for custom orders only. The code given to you can be used while filling in the form for a custom order. Please note that the code can be used for a single order. Also, please note that if you submitted assignment instructions that are already in our database, then you will not receive any credit. Therefore, you must submit unique set of instructions for your assignments.

We hope that this will excite you and get you going to try out our new feature.

Our credit facility offers you the following opportunities.


3 Assignment Uploads $5
5 Assignment Uploads $10
15 Assignment Uploads $20


As you can see the higher number of assignment instructions uploaded get you more credit, which you can avail at our website.

If you want to inquire any further about this feature, then contact us at sales@tutorscube.com.