Does Dr Who tell us about science and technology or the Britain of its time?

Does Dr Who tell us about science and technology or the Britain of its time?

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This is a rhetorical question and I have to compare, contrast and link the two. Looking at the cultural context (obsessions of the time) and
the science/technology. Notes from lectures and initial research below:  The key point is that science fiction is not prophecy. It deals with
what might be not with what will be. What people think might happen in the future is a result of their situation in the here and now as it is
for them.  There are purists who say that Doctor Who isn’t science fiction, but science fantasy, and they have a point. Genuine science fiction should describe things that could happen according to present knowledge. Science fiction is based on improbable possibilities, whereas science fantasy is based on plausible impossibilities. There is no known technology or device that enables time travel, except at the rate of 60 seconds a minute (Einsteins speed of light is absolute so if you travel faster, time dilates).

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