Dissertation, Literature questions

Dissertation, Literature questions

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answer each of the questions to the best of your ability. Remember, short-answer questions require a response which addresses the question. Also, provide a rationale for your response, and examples (including page numbers and panels when possible) which support your responses.
1.1. Provide one example of parallel paneling in the comics we have read this semester. Continue by explaining what you believe the function of this tactic is in the comic, i.e. what purpose do they serve?

Sandman, v for vendetta,

2. 2. Explain the creative process involved in graphic literature. (You may focus on the unique creative process utilized by Marvel, or a general process) Include a brief discussion of the role.

3. 3. Character Analysis: identify two character archetypes in V for Vendetta. Explain how these two characters serve as character archetypes in Vs journey.

4. 4. Historical Context: Identify and explain two ways in which comic books have changed since their earliest incarnations by comparing and contrasting Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes to comic books during the 1930s. This question will require online research about the 30s. Two sources minimum.

5. 5. Lens Analysis (Psychological): In Dr. Dees story (found in chapters titled 24 Hours and Sound & Fury in Sandman) which character might be said to represent the id, and which character might be said to represent the superego? Elaborate. (Im not looking for a right answer. Just justify your assertion with a justification).

6. 6. Genre Analysis: how does the graphic novel differ from the traditional work of fiction? Conversely, how are graphic novels and
traditional works of fiction similar? In your comparison & contrast please address how graphic novels and fiction deal with the following elements: description, dialogue, and pacing.

7. 7. Please explain the basic plot of Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes in the following context:
a. Introduction (what is the exposition?)
b. Climax (What is the height of the story?)
c. Resolution (Tell me about the ending)

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