Dissertation, Finance and Accounting valuation model and broker’s reports analysis

Dissertation, Finance and Accounting valuation model and broker’s reports analysis

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This component will account for approximately 35% of the final dissertation mark.

The aim is to provide evidence concerning the valuation approaches used by analysts in practice. The following requirements must be met:

 Select and examine between 15-40 brokers’ reports; (which I will offer the reports)

 Use information/data from documents which are relevant for equity valuation (for example, annual reports).

Similar to the large sample analysis, students will be required to articulate and/or identify one or more research questions, around which they structure the analysis.

Examples of research questions include:

 How is the choice of valuation models contingent on firm or industry type?

 How are peer firms chosen and what factors may have affected such choice?

 How do analysts incorporate non-financial and qualitative information into their valuation models?

Please create a question like three above, then I shall find the broker’s reports which are suitable for your question. Or I could provide the account and password of database for you.

You can choose the source by yourself.

The word count for this part is around 3000 please.

Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to identify and pursue their own question(s), with marks being awarded for theoretical soundness and originality. In attempting to shed light on their research question(s), students will be expected to extract and summarize information from their sample of reports with a view to identifying trends. Students may also wish to perform statistical analyses on their data.

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