Dissertation: Chapter 4 Presentation of Data

Dissertation: Chapter 4 Presentation of Data

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Question 1

How important do you think literacy is in this age?

Literacy in Key stage 1 readers is extremely important not only because it gives them the oppurtunity to come across the school expectancies but also because it enables their inclusion in the society.

Question 2

Do you think that book reading is important at this age? What is your opinion about children’s book reading?

Book reading is really important at this age, as it further enhances children’s creativity and imagination. Children’s exposure in books reading helps them from an early age to ameliorate their reading comprehension and to love reading for pleasure.

Question 3

Tell me about your library organization in your class? Do children select a book to read on a daily basis? Do they have library time? In my classroom we have created a small library with books that children bring from their homes. Most of them are fairytails and encyclopedias. I am very happy because all the pupils read books on a daily basis and especially during the break. Unfortunately, because of the limited time we do not have extra library time, however the children are free to go to the reading corner whenever they feel stressed or tired during the lesson.

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