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Read the articles and answer the questions

Reading: a. “Costco Cracks Taiwan Market” by Andria Cheng WSJ, April 2, 2010 b. “Emirates Wins Big with Big Planes and Low Costs” by Rothwell S, and Rothman A., Businessweek.com, July 1, 2010 c. “Starbucks Plans Big Expansion in China,” Sanchanta M., Wall Stree Journal, April 14, 2010.  Questions for Discussion:
a. How significant are international sales to Costco’s business success? b. In which countries is Costco presently operating? Why do you think Costco chose those countries for its initial expansion beyond the U.S.?I c. Based on the approach that Costco is using in its stores in Taiwan, develop a list of the specific accommodations that Costco or other retailers should make when they open stores in new markets? d. Besides China, what countries would you recommend that Costco pursue beyond the countries in which it is currently operating? Why? e. What is the strategy behind the success of Emirates Airlines? (Use ADDING Value Framework) f. In what other way does Emirates benefit from a pricing advantage? g. Major investments and tremendous growth in recent years, have moved Emirates Airlines from the 24th international airline in 2000 to the today.

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