Discussion Week 5-8

Discussion Week 5-8

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The book is entitled “Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice, 9th Edition”. When answering each question please answer label each answer as Discussion 12, 13 and so on.

Discussion 12: Watch the videos linked in the content area, which concern the recent Columbia Police search warrant controversy. What do you think of the police conduct in this case? What, if anything, did they do wrong? Should there be consequences? Why or Why not?

Discussion 13: Locate a news story through Google or some other source that discusses drug checkpoints or alcohol checkpoints. These are totally suspicion-less stops, in which the government detains large groups of motorists or pedestrians. What do you think of these? After we have a few days of discussion, I’ll introduce follow up questions for discussion, which will include questions on “the Access Road trap” on page 253.

Discussion 14: Locate a news story (Ex in Google or other search engine) about racial profiling by law enforcement and discuss it. As many of you know, several states are requiring law enforcement to collect and record data on the demographic characteristics of those stopped in a car. What do you think of this practice?

Discussion 15: Read the materials in Chapter 9 dealing with technology in law enforcement and the highlighted section on page 217 about airport searches. How has technology changed law enforcement? Have these changes all been for the better? When does government use of technology cross the line into invasion of privacy?

Discussion 16: What are the legal issues with lineups, show-ups, and eyewitness identification testimony? Should the accused be entitled to a lawyer at these proceedings? Why or Why not? What are the problems with eyewitness identification testimony? Does it produce wrongful convictions? Should we be skeptical about this testimony?

Discussion 17: Discuss the legal and ethical issues connected with border security and enforcement of the immigration laws.

Discussion 18: Discuss the merits and current importance of the Miranda doctrine. What are the benefits and costs of this doctrine to society? Do the benefits offset the costs? Should we require all interrogations to be video/audio recorded? Why or why not?

Discussion 19: What can a judge do to properly balance the rights to a fair trial with the first amendment right of a free press?

Discussion 20: Discuss the Casey Anthony case and the verdict returned in July of 2011. What are your thoughts on the case? Did the prosecution over charge? Do you agree with the jury decision? Why or Why not?

Discussion 21: Comment on the Constitutional rights of the accused at trial. Focus on the right to counsel. What do you think of the public defender system? What are the problems with this system? How could it be improved?

Discussion 22: The right to trial by jury is one of the bedrock ideals upon which our country was founded. What is your opinion of our jury system? What if any changes to the jury system would you recommend? Why?

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