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Discussion Question #1
Action research to improve a teachers’ instructional practice is
essential in order to assist teachers in becoming more effective in
the classroom to have more productive student outcomes. Spaulding and
Falco provide the steps to classroom level action research. Figure 3.2
in Chapter 3 delineates this. After reviewing this write a response to
the following questions:
1. What parts of this process do you believe are most important when
assisting teachers in their attempt to improve instruction?
2. What components do you think teachers tend to skip and not include
in their self-reflection and why?

Discussion Question #2
Gathering and analyzing data is an important part of learning for
students and for reflection for teachers and administrators. Organize
a list of assessments that are currently used in your school or at a
school you select, and determine if the test is standardized or not.
Then determine which category the assessment falls under and why (it
may be under multiple headings):
a. Classroom data
b. Program data
c. Institutional/policy data
Write a response to how you feel about the number of assessments and
if this a valid use of instructional time.

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